Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas in Europe

It's that magical time of year when the continent of adventures and fairytales truly comes to life. During advent, the weeks leading up to Christmas, the old and charming cities of Europe transform into a winter wonderland with their colorful Christmas markets. Think twinkling lights, a cup of hot chocolate and the sweet smell of toasted almonds in the air. Think hand-painted Christmas globes, beautiful design and bespoke trinkets. Think gorgeous Christmas trees, hidden gems and caroling in the streets but most of all, think of a wonderful atmosphere of good will and happy faces. Enjoy the magical season of Christmas in Europe and visit some of the world's oldest and most wonderful Christmas markets.

Visit Amsterdam Winter Wonderland

It’s hard to think of anything nicer than spending the winter holidays in Amsterdam. This city is always beautiful, but it turns positively magical in the winter! This is the perfect place to bring your family, your partner, or a group of friends. Amsterdam offers a number of special holiday markets and festivals that will ensure memories that will last a lifetime. Take part in the "Sinterklaas Welcome Parade," soak in the warm glow of the Amsterdam Light Festival or go skating in the Ice Village in front of the world-famous Rijiksmuseum.

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The Legendary Christmas Markets of Europe

Are you dreaming of wandering through twinkling lights and experiencing the magic of Christmas in Europe? Look no further—PLAY's destinations in Europe offer some of the best and most beloved Christmas markets in the world. From Barcelona to Paris, these cities come alive during the holiday season with festive celebrations. This blog dives into the unique experiences offered at each destination's Christmas markets and all the other winter wonders waiting to be discovered. So, grab a mug of hot cocoa, get snug under your blanket and let's start exploring where your dreamy holiday trip could take you!

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