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Add a little Iceland with a stopover

PLAY’s transatlantic flights include a brief layover in Iceland. For some it’s an hour of mixed feelings as they stare out at the moonlike landscape, wishing they could see more than the airport.

Plot twist! You can book your flights with a stopover at no additional cost if you want to spend some quality time in our magical country. We're calling it a Stayover and we think it's the perfect way to enjoy your transatlantic flight.

Stopover in Iceland with a PLAY Stayover

How does a stopover work?

·         You can stay in Iceland for up to 10 days on each leg in a stayover booking

·         A stayover booking is available when booking transatlantic flights at no additional cost

·         The stayover can either be on the outbound journey, return journey, or both

·         A stayover booking does not include accommodation in Iceland

Why is your stopover called a stayover?

Because we stay so! We're called PLAY for a reason. Part of that reason is we like to play with words. A stayover is our twist on a nice layover and we think "stay" is a lot more inviting than "stop". So come on over and stay a little longer.

Iceland’s famous tagline is “The land of fire and ice”. You only have to look at the name or take a quick look at Iceland on a map to understand the ice part, but what about the fire? The fire is of course Iceland’s many and very active volcanoes, one of which has erupted annually since 2021.

If you’re visiting Iceland and looking for something unique, an interesting afternoon and an activity for the whole family, we highly recommend an encounter with our whales. Iceland is after all a prime location to go whale watching. At least 23 species of whale have been spotted around Iceland. Some wander occasionally into these waters while others have permanent residence here and are commonly seen close to the shore.

There’s nothing quite like a road trip in Iceland. Most visitors will comment on the seemingly endless surprises revealed at every turn, the vast views, and extraordinary landscapes. An excursion in Iceland should prove to be an experience like no other, but we meant what we said: there’s nothing quite like a road trip in Iceland. This means thinking like a sheep, staying on top of the weather forecast and expecting the unexpected.

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