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American Airlines Agrees to Buy 20 Supersonic Planes from Boom

American Airlines has agreed to purchase 20 supersonic Overture planes from Boom Supersonic, the companies announced Tuesday. ( 更多...

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pilotjag 4
American Airlines Press Release...
mbrews 2
A couple of reality checks from the article -

"The deal is the second firm order in the last two years for Boom, still years from building its first commercial airplane. " ...

"Still, Overture is years away from becoming a reality. "

No mention of the dollar value of the so-called nonrefundable deposits from the agreements.
Nor discussion whether cheap stock or stock options were given to entice ostensible aircraft buyers;

Such stock purchases, if any occurred, would give a new meaning to the phrase " Boom or Bust " :)
jeff slack 3
I am old enough to remember the USA's SST and all of the airline sign-ons and the Concorde and all of the sign-ons.

........... and where did all of this go?
Richard Haas 5
I am old enough to remember when Pan Am took deposits for tickets to the moon.
Marty Martino 1
We’ll be get a decent idea when/if the XB-1 test article finally flies.

I imagine now it’ll have be redesigned to accommodate Overture’s 4 engine design. And they still need engines similar to what Concorde 1.5 (or B) would have been…supersonic speed without afterburners.

I have high hopes for it..though I’m not sold the redesign.
patrick baker 5
this aircraft will not be the least bit helpful to the upper atmosphere where it will operate. This is another irresponsible intrusion into planetary global warming, with the astounding comment from the president of the company saying that people want this, etc. etc. Perhaps the grandchildren of these passengers will feel less kindly to the company and their selfish ancestors.
jeff slack 1
Nail on the head!!
Marty Martino 1
Here’s hoping Overture doesn’t turn out to be Vaporware.
Marty Martino 2
Just to be clear, we all know what vaporware is, right?
stratofan 0
Ahh, more handwringing and whining from the eco-terrorist crowd. What if the Wright Bros. had listened to those who said if humans were meant to fly, they would have wings? I remember a celebrity who used to end his show with "Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars!" How true!
jbermo 0
Watch as the regulating agencies of the future enact new atmospheric emission restrictions - all of which will undoubtedly mess with such travel.


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